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Jun. 15th, 2008 10:22 pm
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Name: Chibichan
Livejournal: [livejournal.com profile] chibichan91
Contact: banzaychibichan@hotmail.com (MSN/e-mail) / Stolen Feather (AIM)

Character Name: Watanuki Kimihiro
Character Series: xxxHOLiC
Age: 17
Timeline: Post chapter 157, after saving Kohane and finding out he has lost his memories regarding his past.

Video Interview: here.

Any Other History Points: Watanuki’s parents died when he was just a child. He’s been living on his own since then. His right eye is yellow, because his friend Doumeki gave him half of his own eyesight when Watanuki lost his eye to a spider-woman. He can’t remember anything about his past due to the fact that he gave away his own memories to help Syaoran and Sakura. However, Watanuki can’t remember this and so he thinks he may be a spirit, or that he’s living a dream and therefore he doesn’t really exist.

Personality: Watanuki has quite a personality. He’s kind, loyal and caring, especially to his friends, but also to complete strangers. He has a crush on Himawari and considers Doumeki is rival, but he’s kind towards him as well (he always cooks him lunch and even saved his life one time). He tends to sacrifice himself to protect the ones he loves, but he’s slowly changing (as Yuuko said).

Watanuki, however, can change his mood really quickly – he can be super happy one moment, and then he yells at you the next! He’s hot-tempered, easily scared and tends to yell/scream a lot! He always complains about Yuuko bossing him around, but in the end he always does what she tells him to do. He acts the same towards Doumeki, while he doesn’t mind Himawari asking him favours.

Sometimes he can be very stubborn, and he won’t admit things that embarrass him (for example, he would never say ‘thank you’, but he shows his gratitude in one way or another).

Change Power: He can see spirits and other non-human creatures that normal people can’t see.

Any other abilities: He can cook, do housework and run rather fast (since he’s always chased by spirits).


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